A slim door handle with a subtle silhouette that caresses your palm and hints at its elegance with its polished sheen. Its archetypal flat basic shape is a special feature in the series.

Archie can also be configured in different styles.

  • Material: sintered stainless steel
  • Finish: polished, PVD coated
  • Designpattern options: Atlas, Halo, Bionik
  • Model options: Standard, Toilet Door Set
Muster Halo


These rings, which are united over two levels, create sparkling circles of light as soon as the sun shines on them. The arrangement of the perfectly geometric rings has a hypnotic effect and is sure to stay in your memory. A detailed novelty in the design of door handles.
Muster Atlas


Woven like airy linen, this pattern shows how extremely mysterious the origin of this door handle must be when it is made of stainless steel. So every door handle becomes an inevitable topic of conversation about modern digital craftsmanship, which is made a reality by state-of-the-art machines and perfected by hand into a luxury product.
Muster Bionik


As if it had grown naturally, the material develops a fascinating life of its own and raises the question of its origin.
  • polished
  • PVD-Coatings:

Thumbturn Lock Barrel


Thumbturn Lock Easy


Thumbturn Lock Drum



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